Paquet de luxe Duo-BriteDuo-Brite Deluxe Pack

  • une trousse de couches novatrice
  • avec une coquille Duo-Brite (intérieur facile à essuyer) et trois inserts Duo-Brite – 1 trousse, 3 changements de couche!
  • l'Insert Duo-Brite se fixe à la coquille Duo-Brite grâce à un bouton pression, créant la Couche Tout-en-deux Duo-Brite
  • aussi simple qu'une couche tout-en-un ou qu'une couche à poche, mais plus polyvalente (pas besoin de remplissage!)
  • des inserts à deux côtés : un côté de polyester reste-au-sec et un côté de coton bio (plus qu'un seul insert à acheter, pour le jour et la nuit!)
  • ultra absorbante, mais discrète sous les vêtements de bébé
  • utiliser avec tous couvre-couches et inserts
  • non toxique, écologique & fabriqué au Québec de tissus fabriqués aux É.U.
Taille 1 4-9 kg
Taille 2 9-16 kg


  • contains one wipe-clean Duo-Brite Wrap and three Duo-Brite Inserts - that's 3 diaper changes!
  • the inserts snap into the wrap to create the innovative Duo-Brite All-in-Two diaper -  no more stuffing!
  • as easy as an All-in-One or pocket diaper, but more versatile
  • double-sided inserts: :  snap in with organic cotton side up for a natural fiber against skin or snap in with polyester side up for a stay dry feeling - no need to buy two different inserts!
  • super absorbent and a trim fit under clothes
  • our waterproof laminate is 2mm thick - extra durable by industry standards for eco-friendly leak protection, wash after wash
  • mix and match pieces with different wraps and diapers
  • contains no microfibre terry - made with a special absorbent material (manufactured in the USA) designed to hold a lot of liquid but to wash out cleanly and easily, leaving no odour!
  • healthy, eco-friendly & made in Canada from fabrics made in the USA
Size 1 8-20 lbs / 4-9 kg
Size 2 20-35 lbs / 9-16 kg
"I have used many types of cloth diapers over the years with my three children and the Bummis Duo-Brite is definitely one of my favourites. The inserts snap in easily, are very absorbent, and stay in place. The diaper is quite trim and I haven't had any leaking issues. The Duo-Brite is one of my go-to diapers!" - Cindy (Toronto, Canada)


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